Wednesday, February 18, 2009

About men plus an award.

I know that we parents set the first example to our children and it's our duty to teach them etiquette. Boy's should know what are the things they shouldn't be caught doing in public, especially when they are grown ups. There are some most off-putting stuff men do in public that has the potential to alienate women and, really, anyone within two feet.

For one, I don't get it when men admire themselves in front of the mirror - in public. By all means, men can check themselves in the mirror to make sure they haven’t got broccoli between their teeth or a dirt across their cheek, but if they can’t get enough of themselves in the mirror, chances are other people quickly will.

Then there is this scene we see all the time: the guy in the parked car picking his nose like he’s grabbing for a coin that’s just out of reach, or a man at a hardware store scratching his groin or a guy at the urinal driving a finger into his butt like he’s trying to read his own temperature. Sure, we all get itches, but satisfying some of them in public can spell more harm than relief, and is just one of those things guys shouldn't do in public -- ever.

And what is more gross than seeing someone puke in public? Eew! While this drunk man may be amazed at his mass of spaghetti, red wine, and foam from two pitchers of beer on the ground, we however, do not want to see the contents of his stomach.

Another turn off is seeing a man arguing with his girlfriend. Sure, he could have a valid reason why he's arguing with his girlfriend, but everyone around him will only see him one way: as a hothead. And it is even more a turn off if they're with other couples at a party, as they now cranked up the discomfort by creating an awkward atmosphere for everyone.

Oh, each time I see guys doing this I called them cowards, hahaha! Thats because they would turn their backs on you to pee conspicuously. As you know, one of the things only men can do is pee anywhere. However, that doesn’t mean they should. A hidden spot behind a dumpster or alleyway to relieve themselves works fine, kind of, but if one simply turn his back behind a car thinking he's hiding himself, then he should remember there are tons of people in front of him that can still see him clear as day. Plus, no one cares to sidestep a river of piss just to get into his or her car.


My dear friend Tracey once again pass on to me another award which I have to pass on to four others and a new follower. But the last time I checked, I dont have a new follower yet, so I have to reserve it till one comes along. Lol.

I am therefore passing on this award to Siva of Yoga in China, Sid of Useless Information, Boysie of Shifting Sand, and Phil of A Day in My life. Hey guys, check out those blogs I have mentioned as they are truly interesting. Each having something diferent to share about there experiences.


Tracey said...

Am I right in thinking that the only men you like are your sons? !!!!!!!!
(don't blame you!)
Love Tracey xxx

blue_butterfly said...

Tracey, that you mentioned it, hahaha!
Naaah, i am surrounded with men, being the only female at home and therefore i dont hate them.

amna said...

Gee..I'll pass on this one, ha ha ha ha..anyways, so true!

might comeback the way, have you seen that movie "of mice and men" ? Excellent movie of friendship, worth watching.

Sid Brechin said...

After 8 years armed forces 29 years working for a major city's Transit system especially in the subway and 3 brothers who love to try to gross out each other I have to say Odette is very generous in her evaluation of my gender. I won't say all men are pigs as that would be extremely insulting to pigs.

However I do have a suggestion for dealing with such people. I have a bad habit of not being able to keep my mouth shut when a wisecrack comes to mind. Humour can embarass or disarm someone. Oscar Wilde was well known for his wit but he had a secret. He thought of lines for situations ahead of time. Rehearsed them polished them then waited for the right time to use them.
For the next little while at the request of some friends my blog will contain useless information on wilderness survival and related subjects. Like most of the things I write it is useless and trivial. Until you find remembering it can save your life.

blue_butterfly said...

"insulting to pigs"...omg, Sid you made me laugh so hard i am crying!

jen said...

Loved this post...LOL at Sids comment too!!



I am single and have been for a while:) I plan on staying that way lol. Your writings seem to come from the heart which is a great thing. Keep it up!


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