Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Who's got talent?

I was just done watching America's Got Talent. It's now the finals where only four contestants are vying for the title and the 1M grand price.

Honestly, I never watched this show when I was still in Manila because the first time I watched it I wasn't impressed. The title of the show itself seem to be stretching the imagination somewhat as I watched contestants with spirit but with little aptitude to entertain. It's like seeing an act on a street which won't even merit a second look.

I don't understand why millions of viewers tune in to watch people who are hopelessly lacking in talent, make a complete fool of themselves in their quest for fame and fortune.

But my mom had asked me to sit with her to watch the show and I can honestly say I got hooked on it. I am entertained by complete unknowns! The program showcase a mixture of acts that range from excellent to awful. And I see massive talent with every kind of act you can think of, represented.

As usual, I cheered for the underdog and in this case, Michael Grimm. I hope he gets his wish tomorrow ... and mine too!


bad penny said...

Hi Odette - long time since I saw your name at Traceys but I did today !

We quite like these programmes for their weirdness ! xx

Chicken Boys said...

I don't really watch that show, but I do like American Idol. I enjoy the lousy acts as entertainment, strangely enough. They would never make it as artists, but somehow, we get entertainment for the failures of others. What I don't understand is, why don't the family and friends of these terribles acts and singers tell them it's awful before they make fools of themselves? I mean, did they really think they were that good to go on international television? As funny as some of them are, their loved ones should have saved them from the humility! I mean, really!

Odette said...

yeah it's been a while. but i resolve to update my blog every so often now. i miss interacting with you guys!

Odette said...

you are right. but the show format is much like AI too, maybe because the producer of the show is Simon Cowell.


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