Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Watch out! She's PMSing!

I know, people around me cringe during this time of the month. This is the period where I lost self control that lead to rages. I say things that I have to apologize later. I snap at people when I am in pain and being bothered.

But you see, I feel utterly miserable!

For three days now I feel bloated, I have constant cramps, I feel lazy and irritable and depressed. So today, I just sat on the computer and kill,kill, kill! Yes, I had a killing spree in NY and Moscow bringing my total body count to 2,768 and I looted properties in Las Vegas. Boy, I had such an adrenalin rush that I almost forgot I am PMSing.

Oh yes, I need distraction from the cramps as the periodic pains drives me nuts! But darn, this is something I deal with every single month. It totally takes over my body. A bit like an alien possession, once a month.

Of course, I blame Eve! If she hadn't eaten that damn apple, things may have been different! Even my cat hides from me at times like this. I must have tried nearly everything to stop it happening, but still ended up nearly killing everyone in sight (at least only in Mafia Wars).

Ok, I'm calm.... I am breathing deeply... counting one, two, three, four, five...



Tracey said...

Hell isn't it. We are the same age & let me tell you this gets WORSE when you start to enter the menopause, you will feel like that CONSTANTLY!!!!!xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Odette said...

no wonder it's doubly painful and the periodic pain come close in between! uggggh!!!

Sid Brechin said...

Let's see if I can put it into the words used by males to explain it to other males.

PMS & Menopause ( you think a word that seems to imply getting a break from Men would describe something wonderful wouldn't you ). These are conditions which females get but males suffer from. After all I have never seen a woman come to work with a shiner and explain how she got it to the rest of shift with just 3 letters. PMS

Anyway if you read my nonsensical rammblings today you can add it to the list of side effects.


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