Monday, September 20, 2010

Gearing up for winter.

Like any first timers who come to the US, I dreaded the coming of winter because of the cold weather it brings, yet I also get excited with the thought that I will finally see snow flakes falling from the sky. It will soon be fall, which means winter is just around the corner. Exciting!

As I said before in my previous post, I really am not a fan of summer because it brings a more hectic lifestyle - with vacations, swimming, hiking and everybody soaking in the sun rays in one form or another. However, winter I think is more peaceful as there will be fewer people congregating. I believe people during this time are more cozy in their homes, wrapped in their blankets, in front of their fireplaces, drinking hot chocolate. Oh why not? It would be a nice respite from the roasting sun and high humidity of the long summer solstice.

And now as I look around the never ending fields of corns and beans, I could almost picture out the stunning beauty of the snow as it seemingly goes on forever across my frozen field of view.

Of course, I ready myself for its coming. I already bought winter clothes although its a bit disappointing when you get to a store and they don't display their winter jackets yet. But well, I did get a few and I am excited with the thoughts of strolling through the stores and streets clad in multicolored layers of winter clothing, adorned with scarves and topped off with usually ebony-colored gloves, hahaha.

Above are what I have. Jackets, coat, bonnets, a scarf, a winter boots, and mittens. I have flannel sleep wear and blankets. Did I miss something else?

Hmmp, don't say a warm body to curl up with, because it is not on sale in department stores. Duh!


Tracey said...

You don't need any body! Just a hot water bottle & thick socks! xxx

Chicken Boys said...

Even the blogs see a difference in the seasons. Everyone's summer blogging seems to be spuratic as people are doing this and doing that. In the winter they tend to blog more often, but say that they have nothing to say. I stay very busy in the summer, but I'd prefer the weather to winter.


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