Saturday, January 22, 2011

Toy for the big boy.

Thank you all for wishing Ken to get well.

And get well he did!

He went last Wednesday to St. James Hospital for a check up and came home with a new car.

Now I am worried that something is wrong with his brain...

You see, his other car is only two years old, and it's also a Ford F150!

Okey, I got it. This ones interior is so fashionable that I think never before has so much luxury been extended into such a useful vehicle. And while both car has option to Ford Sync with navigation, and also an electronic work-helper function that can keep track of tools, jobs and calculate miles driven etc., this one has a camera at the back and the overhead mirror turns into a screen when you change gear to reverse.

But the real winner is the Box Side Steps which you can pull out from the rear and sides on this truck cargo bed. They give us a step to stand onto and down on as we are accessing the cargo area.

Why did no one think of this before?


Mimi said...

heedsmesVery nice! Do you drive the other one? LOL-Send Ken out for milk and see what he comes home with! He sounds like a great guy!

Marie said...

Very nice truck!!! I like F-150's!!! We had one stolen about 2 years ago but replaced it with another F-150. It's not a vehicle we drive everyday but it's here when we need a truck!!! Of course ours doesn't have all of those 'bells and whistles" this one does!!! Hope you guys enjoy it!!


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