Thursday, January 6, 2011

Time slips away.

It's 2011. Just like that. In a blink of an eye.

Is the time getting faster as I get older? Or am I simply too old to keep pace with time?

I don’t know about you but I would give anything for more days when nothing has been planned for the majority of it. When I would wake up from a deep sleep and strolled into the kitchen to get a coffee and then assume a very comfortable position in my favorite chair and sip the coffee s l o w l y.

But of course, this doesn't happen much as like most of you I go through life racing from place to place and moment to moment. There is never a shortage of things that need to be done, things I can‘t wait to be done with. Yes, I seem to be always racing against the clock as soon as I wake up.

Today is Rodney's birthday (my mom's husband). He is pushing 76 and as I write this I was thinking that the average life span is in the mid seventies and we all know the many obstacles that can make that number even smaller. I am not 50 yet but I know that the older I get the faster the time seems to fade away.

Therefore, I vow not to rush time away any faster than it will go on it’s own. I would like to be able to look back and say : “Wow I really lived a full life and made a ton of memories". Not, “Gosh it all went so fast and non stop that I don’t remember much of it".

So now I'll enjoy the long route to work each day and watch the wildlife and not read a book. I'll snuggle next to Ken to watch Gun Smoke/Wagon Train and not get crazy about leveling up in Mafia Wars. I'll leave the bed unmade on weekends so I could go back and get extra sleep or just keep warm under the blanket while reading my book. I will not worry about ironing clothes on Sundays as those shirts are hidden under layers of jackets anyway.

Yeah, I know. Life was never meant to be easy.

It just takes time to realize it.


Tracey said...

Yep, time does fly by too quick! A great post Odette....keep on snuggling! xxx

Mimi said...

It is amazing how fast the years go by.
You can't slow time down, but you can spend more of it on things that make you happy.
Then just hope that when you are older you don't have memory problems!
Enjoy being a slow-poke!


Marie said...

I agree time flies faster as we age! Or at least that's my feelings. Hope you have a great weekend.

Sid Brechin said...

First I loved the clock collage.

Unlike you Odette I have to go looking for things to do. Having agoraphobia makes that harder than you might think. Also being male walking past an unmade bed or pile of laundry is not quite as hard as taking a breath. Not that when I do laundry I do iron especially shirts. One of the few Army good habits I was not able to shed. ( most of my Army time was in the field, by choice or in front of a classroom ). For anything formal and there was more than enough things got sent to a dry cleaners and in many cases I went over it again with an iron after.

However I don't have to do things as the happen. I can let dishes pile up. I like to hire a cleaning lady but as much because I know people who don't have the income my pensions ( yes plural ) provide me. Giving people a hand up is to me better than a hand up. There are exceptions. Where a hand up is difficult and opportunities to help oneself are limited or not there at all. I don't normally spend a great deal on myself. I got myself gifts for Xmas and my Birthday that were in the $600 range. A new laptop and the full version Rosetta stone Japanese. I didn't use the laptop before Xmas and probably will install the Rosetta stone on my Birthday.

The one thing that is always organized is all my DVD's and books I can pretty much find with barely looking at the title. Books by subject DVD's by Title. Both number in the thousands. My first wife used to say that what first impressed her about me was I not only had the largest personal library she had seen ( and she had several friends with Doctorates ) but that I had read them all and could open them to any passage I was asked about.

Everyone in town seems to be down with the flu. ( a mild but aggravating one, sleepy all the time and lots of mucus, I'm also hit with it but the lady who cleans for me is also down with it so I may be cleaning up myself tommorow.

I don't know who first said it but the expression be careful what you wish for is a great saying.

I tend to collect such proverbs. Now if I could only get in the habit of living them. Maybe I should add I retired really early 51.

Angry American said...

It used to freak me out how fast each year wizzed by. Now, all I care about is being lucky enough to have some good times mixed in with the bad.

I recently had a short period of time out of my 42 yrs of hell on earth that was a blessing from god. Sometimes, it felt like I was in heaven and I'd finally be happy for the rest of my life. If I live to be 100, I seriously doubt I'll ever experience that, or those feelings again.

As much as I need somebody in my life, I keep forgetting that maybe I'm being too damn selfish. With all my health problems and, all the other complicated bullsh*t in my life, I'd hate to ruin somebody else's time on this planet by taking them down in my sinking ship. I don't think I have any more life jackets on board either. lol

Oh well...maybe I'll be happy in the next life. Or, at least have a hell of a lot more naughty fun until I die. hehe ;)

Odette said...

It really doesn't matter how we spend our time. we can either do nothing and just kill time gazing at the horizon or use the time puttering about the house. what is essential is that we find meaning and fulfillment is whar we do.
i hope you will feel better soon. keep yourself warm.

Odette said...

as we get older, we become more mindful of the passing of time because we know, whether we admit this to ourselves or not, our years on earth are not unlimited. so it's wonderful to have wonderful memories to come back to, when we are feeling down and lonely. i am glad you have those coz like you those precious memories do get me by...


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