Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Our little corner.

Ken has a laptop. I have a desk top computer.

Ken don't find it necessary to buy a computer table because he can just open his laptop and use it anywhere he pleases. In fact, whenever I use it, I just sit on a reclining chair and put it in my lap and tinker away or sit cross legged on the bed while playing MW.

But I do need to use my computer because he hates it when I sign off and forgot to put his account back on. So we decided to buy a computer table for my computer.

If you think that a computer desk is a simple thing to purchase, then let me tell you it's NOT!

Ok, I thought I only need a flat surface where I can put my computer on. A simple table would be fine because my computer has flat screen with wireless keyboard and mouse. No box.

But no no! Ken thought otherwise.

He said a good table should last at least several years, so if I picked the wrong one, I'll be sitting at my mistake for a long time. He said an expensive desk may be worth the extra cost if it will last a long time and provides ample space for everything I need.

So last Saturday we went to the city to find a good desk. He said if we can't find anything there we can ask someone to build one for us.

So search we did. We went from store to store and the two main types of computer table that we found in stores are wooden desks and metal/glass desks. They all come in a variety of shapes and styles and every one is unique and can be used for a wide range of purposes.

Actually making the decision as to whether to opt for a wooden computer desk or a metal computer desk was easy. Before we went hunting for that one table, we are in the consensus to go for the wooden one because it blended well with the decor and colour scheme of the room where we wanted it.

But of course, fine wooden computer desks are naturally much more expensive than basic metal ones, but we think the price is worth it considering the fact that we are adding it to the furniture and decoration of the living room as well as being used as an office space where Ken can do his paper works.

When it was delivered today and seeing how it transformed the room, we knew we made the right choice.


Angry American said...


It's a very nice desk. But, as far as the "a good desk should last several years" and the "you'll have to sit in your mistake for a long time"... that's all bullshit.

You don't need an over priced, fancy piece of furniture that takes body builders to move for a pc/work desk. I bought the cheapest pc desk I could find that looks good but suited my needs. It was so cheap, I had to build it myself. The style is kind of like yours but very very stripped down. My cat Shadow helped me build it. :D

This thing is made of nothing but a modern version of press wood (I think it's called press board but, it's more like wood fibers instead of wood chips). It's solid as a rock and, I can pound on it (and trust me I have) and it still won't break. By the way, I bought this thing almost 10 yrs ago and it's good as new.

That's the advantage of modern technology and design. I can have a desk that looks EXACTALLY like yours, in several styles and colors but, it only costs a small fraction of the price instead. And, you can't tell the difference unless you start inspecting it closely. In fact, most expensive furniture these days are made with the same material except they have expensive, very beautiful veneer surfaces. Even wood workers can't tell until you look underneath.

My desk top has contact paper that looks kinda like marble (don't ask me why) and the "wood" surfaces are probably plastic. I've had to take it apart and put it back together more than once just to move it from my old apartment and from downstairs to upstairs. I've banged it all up in the process and you can't even tell.

The difference between my piece of junk and your expensive desk is, I don't care about the small chips and other dings in the desk, because I didn't pay as much as a junker used car for it. If I wanted to, I could've bought a fancier desk with drawers that looked like yours, except it would've only cost about $40 more than mine.

But, the best part is, both the more expensive desk and my stripped down version are so light, when I take the top selves off, I'm able to lift and carry each part of the desk myself, except when going up and down stairs or turning corners in narrow hallways and doors. If I wanted to, I can break it down into even smaller parts and a child can carry it.

It's called thinking ahead and getting function over fashion. Try doing that with your fancy, over priced desk. ;)

Sid Brechin said...

As Odette knows my Computer is a bit outside average. I have 4.5 Terabytes of RAM (or 4,500 Gig ) Type from an easy chair about 4 feet from a 37 inch hi res monitor but never play games ( my wrist gives out if I keep clicking, I got myself the complete Rosetta Stone set of Japanese lessons for my Birthday and am thrilled I only got 86 on my 1st lesson as it means it is hard enough to teach me (I was worried as my Japanese is pretty good)
What she doesn't know till now my desk is over 100 lbs and over 100 years old. Was a gift from two friend who went to China to teach Bagpipes.

Sid Brechin said...

Family members have yet to decide if teaching Bagpipes to the Chinese is cultural exchange or Crimes against Humanity.

Both the twins served as pipers in the same Regiment I commanded an infantry platoon in. Just over 10 years apart.

Mimi said...

Lovely desk!
I can just imagine you there, surrounded by pretty vases of flowere as you browse the internet.
You and Ken have very good taste!

Odette said...

that message you wrote in FB really scares the hell out of me. but then i'm thankful that it give me reason to call you so i can greet you happy bday.
btw, that desk of yours will surely outlast us all. and isn't it nice to own something that mean more than just an object? your desk has a story to tell! and iam also interested to see your new comfy chair.

Odette said...

thank you! i like he fact that this table has many compartment and drawers where i can put stuff.
enjoy the weekend!

Odette said...

you know i would also go for a cheap one. today i saw an add on the paper of a desk which cost only $300 and it really look nice. but when it come to purchasing this kind of thing and esp. since it will go into Ken's house, he has the final say on this. i am just happy that he took the time to go shopping for it even when he got massive headache afterwards.


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