Saturday, January 15, 2011

Just another crazy day.

I am relatively lazy today. I lounges all day and watched TV.

But there is a reason for it.

I did not sleep until 4 am last night because I watched over Ken who is running a temperature. He felt really miserable and weak. He complained of headache, fatigue, chills, ache and pain all over.

I keep changing the thermostat because he complained its very cold even when he has two blankets on top of him. Then he complained its hot so I have to adjust the thermostat again.

There is nothing much we can do but let the virus run its own course. He doze off and on and I made sure the glass beside him is filled with water or juice. I knew he needed lots of liquid to flush the toxin away. The only setback is that he had to get up to pee and he hated it.

He slept all through the day today and it was good because sleeping is so healing and helped his immune system to go to work. At around four in the afternoon while Ken was still asleep I stood up from my fetal position in the couch and head to the bathroom. My head is starting to pound from too much NFL and I decided I needed a bath.

But not just a simple bath. I want to submerge myself in hot water mix with air that will provide me a massaging effect. And so I run water in the whirlpool and just lay there with eyes closed while I listen to music from my mp3.

But alas, something had to spoil my moment. My mp3 plunged into the bubbling water and got wet!

Next scene: Me still in towel, with a hair dryer trying to dry the gadget. Until now my mp3 would not function yet. Ugh!


Sid Brechin said...

Best bet for the mp3 is give it a couple days before you try it. Trying it sooner while there is still moisture could short something and cause it to stay broke.

I feel sorry for Ken. Though flu shots are not only free but encouraged here I know many have this one anyway. I have heard that there have even been a few deaths in the larger cities.

I hope he is well soon.

Tracey said...

Not as bad as Paul, the other day he dropped the phone in the toilet! We had to buy a new one.....xxxxxxxx

Mimi said...

Odette, I hope that Ken feels better soon!


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