Saturday, December 4, 2010

Brrrr ...cold!

We had another snowfall yesterday.

The thought of seeing snow fall excites me no need when I was still in Manila. Oh yes, the sight continue to marvel me but the experience of actually living with snow doesn't.

First, because it's miserably cold!

Yes, even when the season has charm, it doesn't charm me as much as refraining from freezing my bones. Besides, after several days when the snow freezes, they become obstructive and filthy. I also do not like the slap of a strong cold wind on my face, frostbiting my ears and especially, chapping my lips. The last one is most uncomfortable.

As a result I have to bundle up like an Eskimo to spend a few minutes outdoors. I also have to constantly keep my hands covered with gloves, which is pretty an obstruction if I need to use my hand constantly. My feet also get soaked from walking through snow and ice. Hence paired with the cold air outside, my feet would turn numbed. I also worry about slipping on my bottom on the ice... AGAIN!

Add to that are the terrible gray days which occured all too often. The clouds covered the precious few hours of daylight, therefore the rest of the time, it's pitch dark outside.

The saving grace for me is the holiday feel around town when all the Christmas lights starts to twinkle.

Yeah, I could feel the magic in the air...but so is the cold looking for any way it can find to creep beneath my clothes and pierce right through until I am brittle to the bone.


Tracey said...

You'll get used to it! xxx

Angry American said...

OMG Judy! WTF??????????

I thought you bought boots!!! I can't believe you don't have anything to wear that's up to your ankles and water proof YOU GOOF!!! (hey that rhymes)

When it comes to all the things you're experiencing, I tried to tell you about as many of them as I could remember before you even got here. I guess I forgot a few of the nastiest ones. lol

Sorry :(

Sid Brechin said...

As you know I have a strong respect for cold weather. Snow is actually an ally against cold in survival situations.

Should put together that chapter on cold weather. Even if I don't do the whole book perhaps I should do parts.

A few snow hints. Mittens work better than gloves. the ones which you can wear gloves under mittens and the mittens will fold open ( velcro ) so you can use your hands are great.

Layers create spaces of dead air. These become warm insulating air pockets or layers are great. Always wear a hat and gloves. 20% of body heat can leave via the head. Keep fingers and toes covered. Wool is the only natural material that keeps insulating properties when wet.

Mimi said...

It sounds like it's freezing there!
Maybe double layers of thermal underwear and knee socks with boots would help?
They make snow cleats and ice grippers that you strap on your shoes and they keep you nice and safe so you won't slip on the ice.
Here are some:
Stay as warm and toasty as you can. After Christmas, spring is just around the corner.

Angry American said...


I forgot you were writing a manual. Let me know as soon as it's printed, I'll buy one. You can get that done online as well. I think the site handles the sales too but I'm not sure.

Hope you're feeling well.


I know you have the gloves and hats and coats but seriously...get some winter boots with treads similar to tires. They cake snow up in the treads so they'll leave puddles in the house, but they'll help keep you from slipping on ice.


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