Monday, November 29, 2010

Ready for Christmas.

Even in a small town like Wells, I give kudos to the good ol' country folk in this town for an amazing job decorating their houses for the holidays. These people couldn't care less about what the neighbors think. Obviously, they couldn't also care less that their power bill for this month and the next is more than their car payment.

I love watching the well lit houses that Ken even promised to bring me to the big city where houses are completely covered in colored lights.

But to my horror I discovered that there is no Christmas tree to decorate at Ken's house(perhaps he didn't find it necessary as he has been living alone for the past seven years). No christmas wreath or lights to put out in the porch. So I spent days browbeating him to buy an artificial tree because decorating for Christmas is perhaps the greatest time of the year for me. I like putting up christmas decor and with all the snow around here, this is going to be a real white christmas for me.

So finally last Saturday, or the day after Black Friday he relented to shop for the Christmas tree at Target. As expected those pre-lit trees at a bargain are out of stock so we settle for a 7ft. unlit tree and bought 2000 lights and ornaments.

As soon as we got home, I started unpacking and went to work. I am so excited that I can't wait another day to put it up. While I was fluffing out the branches of the un-lit tree, Ken settled down in the couch to watch me finish assembling it. It didn't take me long and when I’m done putting all the ornaments in place on the tree, Ken turn on the tree lights and turn off the living room lights.

We sit on the couch to admire his beautiful little Christmas tree ...

We are ready for Christmas and whatever it brings.


Mimi said...

I love decorating for Christmas! I hope that you and Ken enjoy the tree and the holiday season! Play in the snow and have fun!

Tracey said...

Blimey, you're early! I haven't even thought about putting ours up yet! xxx

Sid Brechin said...

I don't have a tree. The dog is blind and I have a Cat. One indoor pet bathroom is enough.

Angry American said...

I'm sorry Judy, but you're dead wrong. You totally contradicted yourself. If they go crazy decorating there, then they DO care very much what people think.

In fact, people all over my country care a great deal all year round about what the neighbors think of our houses, yards, cars etc. and some of us even spend tons of money trying to out do each other. There's an old saying "keeping up with the Jones'" What people do to decorate for chistmas is a prime example of what that means.

The only people who don't care are white trash and niggers. If it's true that the people in Wells don't care, then they obviously fall into the "white trash" category. I don't know what kinds of slobs you've been talking to there, but this is a well known fact throughout my entire country including Farmville states like MN.

The rest of us can drive ourselves nuts and almost into bankruptcy caring about how others view our property and belongings. Some of us even "supe up" our riding mowers with flaming stickers and other car graphics we attach to them.

There's no other time of year where this is more true and more apparent than christmas. Many people not only care, they go to great lengths to compete with the entire street every year. Some people even spend unbelievable amounts of time and money and pour their blood sweat and tears into out doing all the neighbors on the block.

People in almost every city (except the ghettos) have an unspoken contest to get their houses featured on the local news. They try to put up the largest amount of lights or the most creative combination. To me, that's going WAY to far and borders on mental illness.

One example of this is a house in a city not to far from here that's been in the news every year for years. They spend so damn much in electric bills for all their lights that they actually charge money to come into the yard and look around to help pay for it all. I had recently heard on the news that they were "retiring" and are going to scale down the lights because it's too much work and they can't afford the electricity anymore.

That sure as hell isn't what christmas, or christmas decorations are about.

Odette said...

maybe they get a kick from the "oh's and ah's" they hear from the passersby. i think, despite the effort and hardships, home owners love it when they add cheers to the holiday season. ok i stand corrected, they DO care.
i bet you will shake your head if i tell you that i even took a photo of a very decorated house i saw in Alden today.

Angry American said...

I don't shake my head at you, I shake my head at myself because I keep forgetting to buy a camera so I can send you pics of our cities and houses and their decorations.

What I also wish I had pics of is some people here that treat Halloween just like x-mas and put tons of decorations up in their yard and on their house. Some even give trick or treators a run for their money. The give them the scare their lives buy dressing like a scare crow or monster on their porch then jump up at the kids. Some even dig giant holes in the front yard and decorate it as a freshly dug grave, coffin and all.

Sorry all you little boys and girls but if I had a house, I'd just stick with spending my time and money on christmas decorations.


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