Monday, November 1, 2010

Summer or winter?

Oh my god! I know I won't be walking in winter wonderland as I just found proof that hell had actually frozen over here in Minnesota!!!

Oh no, I don't have any vision of gliding over crystalline powder of snow. I've been miserably cold and it's not even winter yet!!!

The cold I am experiencing now is a little daunting, but add a cruel wind chill to that and it become a survival challenge for me. And for the past three days, it's been windy that the Fall felt much colder than the dead of winter.

I know I have said in my previous post how I hate summer. But darn, I'm missing it already!!


Mimi said...

You need a nice fuzzy sweater, a big scarf, gloves, and furry earmuffs! Bundle up and drink hot cocoa and watch Christmas movies with Ken. I hope that you will like all the pretty snow! Do you know how to ice skate?

Odette said...

i tried those but they don't seem enough as i still get chills up my spine! inside the house and car is ok, but going from one to the other is really daunting.
no mimi, i don't know how to ice skate and i don't think i would like that.

Sid Brechin said...

Couple hints that are going to be in my winter survival chapter Odette. Remember my idea is make things as simple as possible. This is even shorter than will be in the book as this is clothing only ( and only part of that )

1. Make sure your outer layer is windproof ( waterproof is nice too but not so you sweat )

2, Wear as many layers as possible, t-shirt, shirt, sweater, light jacket, heavy jacket ( Canadian Forces add two more layers but more extreme duties and may be out for days ).

Each layer traps a layer of air. Each layer of air warms up body outwards. Result warm and toasty.

Wear a hat 15 to 20% of body heat escapes via the head.

Gloves and scarf. Personally I wear two pair of gloves. ( mittens on top are even warmer )


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