Sunday, November 21, 2010

Imagine if there is no computer...

So here I am sitting in front of my PC at past 10 pm. Again.

I guess I could say that I lived here. Seriously.

Hmmm...let me see. I moved here about 7 years ago. I liked it, that for a while I decided to settle down here permanently. It started with chat rooms. I was completely fascinated with the idea of sharing ideas with people from all over the world. Unfortunately, that simply isn't what you'll find in most chat rooms. For the most part its lonely singles, looking for love in all the wrong places. So I would jump from one chat room to the next, looking for anybody with something interesting to talk about. It was almost magical to actually find someone who could hold a conversation that wasn't about my bra size or what kind of undergarments I prefer.

My fascination with chat rooms lasted for 2 years but by then I have enough friends in my yahoo messenger list whom I talked to in a regular basis. I could spend hours and hours typing away on my keyboard. Even spending most of my waking hours on the computer up until I cannot hold my eyes open any longer.

Then Ray introduced me to IMVU where I can create my own virtual world. I get addicted trying to get the coolest item and sprucing my beach house, my space ship, my pad or my apartment in NYC. It's here where I met Sid.

But pretty soon I got bored with that also because by then I had started reading blogs and I got hooked on it that I decided to write a blog too. Now, I am not just sharing my life, my thoughts, my fears and dreams to a single person but to anyone who cares to read.

And then I have Facebook. All the other social sites pale in comparison as FB gave me a lot more, thus demanding more of my time. I have a farm to tend and upgrading my farm and crops seems to be my real life goal for a while. Then my kids taught me how to be a tough mafia that I even beat them in scores and level. I had given up farming now as I find the organized crime world more interesting, haha!

Alas, they don't call the Internet the information super highway for the heck of it. If I want to learn something new, all I have to do is type in a keyword and do search. The other week I got four Pashmina from my auntie which I don't know how to wear. So I Google it and found a video teaching me the different ways to wear it. Easy!

I search songs and download them in my mp3, I read the news, watch video and even movies in my computer. The PC makes it possible for me to be entertained and not ever leave the house.

Am I addicted to computer?

What about you?


Tracey said...

Yes, I'm an addict also. Not 'games' but blogging, FB, shopping, craft project ideas, booking flights.....Where would I be without it? xxx

Mimi said...

I do just about everything on my computer!

Angry American said...

Yahoo IM is the best damn thing that man ever invented cause I got to meet you two years ago then in person in MN. Life don't get much better than that.

Sid Brechin said...

Makes it hard to believe the internet called DARPANET at the time was meant in case of nuclear war.

Electronics got smaller so they would weigh less for space lanuches.

And anti-biotics began as mold.

I'm older not real old was born just after the Korean War, but I have seen trememdous change. Would take another 43 and a bit years for me to hit 100. Who knows what I will see by then.

I gave up blogging but may go back for the catartic effect.

Then again by the time I hit 100 I could get Irish Alzimer's that's where you forget everything except grudges.

BTW Odette: having worn a kilt with my uniform for 8 years. What are undergarments?


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