Friday, December 10, 2010

My Christmas present.

While reading book has always been a favorite pastime for me, the style of reading has changed these days.

We now have electronic books!

The first time I saw Amazon's Kindle was in April when I first got here. I was in awe at the Kindle display there but I cannot afford it, so I just went to searched for Dan Brown's The lost Symbol in hard bound copy.

But guess what?

Ken gave me as a Christmas present, the Nook.

Oh my gosh, this is even better with its two separate screens. That makes it quite unique because the bottom portion of the screen is a full color screen with multi-touch display, while the upper screen is a monochrome e-ink display, just like the Kindle’s. I also like the fact that this device is specifically designed to read books designed by a company which specializes in books.

He even bought a case for it too.

Thank you so much, Ken!


Mimi said...

That is a wonderful gift!
What are you going to give Ken?

Tracey said...

Lucky girl, it's wonderful! xxx

Odette said...

actually i don't know yet...any suggestion?

Angry American said...

I'm glad you've got something you can really use and that's very convenient for you, especially in this weather. Since your city doesn't have a book store, you can just down load ebooks instead of having to drive half an hour or more to the nearest city, and spend another half hour or more scoping out books.

I don't waste my time reading fiction anymore. When I think back to all the hours I've wasted reading all that fiction when I could've been reading something useful, I just shake my head. The only things I read now are the news, or something I can actually learn from. There's so much out there to learn, and so little time to learn it.

Why burn what few brain cells I have left on fiction when facts and info are so much more useful? 8)=

Sid Brechin said...

Oddly I already got myself my gift to myself and it was a laptop I intend to use almost solely for reading books. I prefer pdf format but because of project guttenberg ( you may want to send for their collection, it's by donation and the two disks the general one and the Sci-fi are I think 70,000 books and 40,000 books. U need to unzip them of course )

Great choice on Ken's part.

A piece of advice to both Odette and Mimi, unlike women if you ask them men usually will either tell you what they want or have no preference. The reason for no preference is we tend to get ourselves anything we want.

Option 3 you will have to ask his oldest male buddies ( brothers if he has them ) about something he was crazy about as a kid or teen. If you can find one of whatever you may even see him break down and cry. Men can be sentimental but the things we are about most would consider to be well, Mental.

Odette said...

thanks for this suggestion. i do know that Ken is quite sentimental so i have been wracking my brains out thinking what gift would please him since as you already know he can buy things he want for himself. hmmm...this would be quite a challenge.

Odette said...

what i like about reading fiction is the fact that i can transport myself into another world while just lying in my bed.
i keep up with the news through tv and thats enough for me as not every news is good news anyway.

Marie said...

Hope you enjoy it, I haven't picked up a hard copy of a book since our iPads arrived!! I love mine!! I really like it for the fact that I may be just about finished one book and I have to worry about either taking a second book or being without a book while at appointments or vacations and such. Hope you had a wonderful holiday!!!

Odette said...

happy new year and i am glad to hear from you. hope you are having a good time as well. hey, i can lend you a ebook, i just need to know how to do that, hahaha.


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