Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Music of my life.

I have been listening to music.

Nothing unusual about that. Except that I have been listening to music of the 50's, 60's and the 70's. And I am downloading them into my mp3(at least the last two)so I can listen to them over and over.

When I was a teenager, the melody alone was enough for me to like a song, get on the dance floor and the rest took care of itself. But as I grew up I realized something - the songs seem to reflect what was happening in my life at the time, or had happened at some point in the past. Like falling in love, splitting up, heartache, pleasant surprises, death, all featured in my life and in the songs I listened too. There wasn't a particular song that stood out, but more a realization that the words actually meant something, if only I could be bothered to listen.

I actually knew the words to songs, not just dance to the music. When I had a boyfriend, then split up, I would find a song to fit the mood. When I had a new crush I would find a new song to be happy. When death occurred in the family, then there were a whole hit parade full of songs to fit the occasion. The Beatles, Bread, Queen, Bee Gees, Eagles, all wrote songs I could relate too. Also solo artist like Manilow, Streisand, Stevens, Richie, Dion who have voices as rich as their lyrics.

But the majority of today's sounds, I'm not too sure if its music anymore because it doesn't have anything to say to me. I don't relate to it at all.

But I still know a good song when I hear one.

PS: I wasn't born during the 50's but I want to listen to Ken's music and appreciate the tune of this era.


Tracey said...

I love 50's music! So much happier. Are you used to the cold yet & keeping warm? xxx

Sid Brechin said...

I never had the radio on at home. Music I most relate to is songs from when I lived in barracks and a radio was always on till lights out. As most bases here were so far from so called civilization we usually only got one channel. There was a song out in 69 which was the flip side of a popular 45 ( remember those ). I looked for it since. Found it as an MP3 this past summer and still like it.

It is called "You are Gone" by the Buckinghams and I think it was flip side of kind of a drag.

Angry American said...

The only time I really listen to music is on my car radio. In between the 30 minutes of commercials, our local stations play about 15 minutes of music. It's usually the same 5 or 10 tunes played all damn day long.

Since we don't have jack squat in variety on these local stations, the only time I really care about music I might hear is when it reminds me of somebody very special to me. I'll find the tune on youtube, send them the link, then hope they understand the meaning behind the lyrics.

Odette said...

i'm still not use to this but i sure able to keep myself warm.
hope Paul's condition will improve with the new meds.

Odette said...

i'll look it up in youtube and listen to it. i just get frustrated when i don't know the title of the song or even the artist. but i do remember the place, the people iam with, or what iam doing, even the scent of the surrounding once i hear a certain song. it's like a sudden flash back and it brought back warm memories or sad, depending on the occassion when that song was played.

Odette said...

i had downloaded whitesnake song in my mp3.


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