Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Serenity around me.

I have been living in an urban area most of my life, and to be honest, I am tired of it. 27 years of living in Manila, which hasn't really changed much during my time there.

I thought I was a city girl. But now that I live in a small town, I was surprised that I do enjoy my time here more that I hate the thought of going back home to all that polluted city air and noise. What I liked the most about my stay in Wells, is the fresh air and vast green fields that I woke up to in the mornings. Not to mention that life here is simpler and laid back. I love the serenity around me.

I do dream that one day, I will get my chance to live in one of those beautiful country homes, with ivy growing around the front door and a small garden at the back where I can grow crops.

I just went for a ride along the countryside today with Ken and I was surprised at how small the towns here that there was one with just a population of 120! The town looked so peaceful and serene that I wonder why people would chose to live in the chaotic city! From that trip, we plan of traveling next time on his big bike and enjoy the rush of cool breeze on our skin rather than be confined in the car.

I'll shoot some more pics, next time ok?


Tracey said...

I could never live in a city. I'm so glad you're happy...hurry up with some more pics! xxxxx

Chicken Boys said...

I enjoy the country. I have neighbors on both sides and across the street. But there's a field behind me and woods beyond that. Sometimes I see deer behind our house. It's a small, dead-end rural road. Peaceful and quiet mostly. But not too far from the town. Of course, Greenville is not as big a Manila, but it's city enough for me. Just a 10 minute drive to get anything we need, but living the country life. I love it.

Mimi said...

I love small towns. It sounds like a wonderful place!

Odette said...

yes it is!!


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