Saturday, August 7, 2010

Look what I got!

I missed my cats back in Manila and it really broke my heart when I learned from my neighbor there that my mother cat Stray had died just two weeks after I left. She said my cat would stay outside looking out on the road. Maybe, hoping that any time I would appear or that any of the boys would. She didn't really gave me the detail of how my cat died, and I wouldn't want to hear of it because I just can not bear the thought of her dying knowing that we had abandoned her.

So, I was kind of ecstatic when I saw an abandoned kitty in one of the barns here in the farm. When I first saw the gray and white fluffy kitty, she was nervous and fearful. She would look at me, but would run as soon as I made a slight move towards her. So everyday, I would go to the barn and offer her treats and kind words. I would put the food closer to me to try to get her close. She would come to the food and even ate it while I look on, but a tiny movement would drove her scampering away again.

It was two weeks of her getting use to my presence in the barn when I was finally able to touch her. She did not only allow me to pet her, but she also brushed her body on my legs and arms. Although I knew she was born totally wild, she warmed up to me. I was even surprised that when I left the barn she was right behind me, following me as I walked towards the house.

Since then, she would wait for me at the deck for her food and she now sleeps at the garage.

On rare occasions that she would come inside the house, I would let her come to my room and lay beside me. She is such a cutie and she is very playful. She followed me everywhere, and even helped me when I worked in the garden.

I named her after my other cat Inee although Ray called her Smokey.


Tracey said...

Now you have complete happiness! Ray & a bloody cat...LOL! xxx


rofl trace i know you hate kitties :) but come it shes goooooorgeous!!! and odette :)send her too me, shes so cute xoxo

Anonymous said...

Good for you and oh, so good for her!! And, by the way... she is no "bloody cat" as our friend Tracey says. Pay no attention to this naughty lady because she has not learned the beauty and grace of a cat yet... LOL

Arkansas, USA

Chicken Boys said...

I wish I could have sent you one of mine! Priscilla just had 6kittens this weekend. I've already got 4 cats, so these have got to go! Hope I can find homes or they go to the pound.

Odette said...

can't send her though as she's the only one i got. maybe when she has a litter although i plan of spaying her so she won't multiply coz mom goes nuts when she destroys her flower bed. what more if there's three or four of them?

Odette said...

Tracey don't really like cats, I saw her squirm when she touches Amy's cute kitty, hahaha! But at least she is crazy with Stitch.

Odette said...

Oh, i know the feeling... witnessing the birth, then to endless laughter when these litters start to create mayhem in the house,. they are sooo cute that letting go isn't always easy.
if only you can send one my way...

Angry American said...

I can't believe you used that ugly ass picture of me you goof. >:(


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