Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I'm back!

Wow! I got a new follower even when it felt like eon the last time I posted something here.

Indeed, it is nice to know that the world is still watching me. And that there are still people out there who are interested to read my blog or that people are sharing my thoughts and emotion.

Thank you Pam, for telling me that you liked my page even when I know that sometimes I don't make sense, haha. Now, you just got me into blogging again!!

Of course, I like writing because it helped me keep track of my life. Writing down my thoughts allowed me to share my joy, my pride and feelings with you guys, even when I don't know who's going to read it or how it will help you.

Many times when I read my old posts it made me wonder what made me happy a year ago. It's like a reflection of my life... Do you also get that? Reading them made me realized that I do exist!

Yeah, I know Tracey that blogging can be addictive - you write almost everyday, remember? Maybe because blogging has become a playground of our emotions. It allowed us the freedom of expression. And the fun part was that nobody here has the right to tell us how to write, when to write and what to write.

So, be ready for my return....

Now, where do I start????


Chicken Boys said...

It's been a couple of months....start from the beginning! How was the trip with the family? How were things when you got back? How are the boys? You've got a lot of explaining to do young lady!

Odette said...

Randy, i am back in blogland only. i am still here in the US of A. And you bet, i got lots of explaining to do, esp. since i have not been writing for months. You see, there were good things and bad things i have encountered here, but maybe my trip would not have been more meaningful if i haven't experienced them.
let me get my notes so i will know where to start, ok?

Tracey said...

I KNOW what you've been up to! But it's nice to have you back in blog land....lots of love xxx

Odette said...

thanks Tracey for hanging in there, even when i have not been writing. love you lots!


Woohoo your back!!!! Great to see you again, big hugs xoxox

Odette said...

i am glad to be back too, but more so coz now i have a medium to rant my frustrations, hahaha!
hugging you back,


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