Friday, October 30, 2009

The signs.

Have you ever wondered if your house is haunted? Do you hear strange sounds in your house, or feel an unexplained creepy feeling in one of the rooms? Does your appliances suddenly seem to have a mind of their own? Do you sometimes see glimpses of dark figures darting back and forth into the shadows?

Yeah of course, it would be nice if ghosts would just leave a note on the fridge notifying you of their occupancy and offers to kick in for rent, but that's not likely to happen. In fact, there aren't any hard and fast rules to say whether a house is haunted or not, nor is there a rulebook on how you should handle former occupants who don't want to leave no matter how deceased they might be!

But one good sign would be the bleeding walls. Maybe even the reflection in the mirror...that isn't you. Or the fact that every time you walk into the kitchen the chairs are balancing on one leg on top of the table. Okey, okey! That may be an exaggeration... but how about hearing and feeling the breath of whispering in your ear when no one else was nearby? Or ordinary objects inexplicably disappeared to be found later in unlikely places? In some instance you may feel a physical push or nudge against your body when standing all alone. And your pet dog would bark furiously at the living room mirror, then run about in a frenzy to return to the mirror and resume barking. Damn scary, huh?

These are tell-tale signs that shouldn't be ignored. You see most ghost that really want to get a message across can get your attention if they really want to.

So how do you know your house is haunted? Stay there and wait to see what comes next.



Chicken Boys said...

They do the same with chickens here. I just couldn't do it myself. I go hunting and kill and dress a deer with no problem. But that's because I'm not out there throwing it food and water everyday. I guess you could say that "I'm chicken". lol

Mimi said...

Bleeding walls are so bothersome! I had to use an entire gallon of bleach to clean the wall when our house was haunted. I saw the ghost- a very nasty looking man ghost- and threw some bleach on him. It caused him to vaporize, and wala! No more ghost problems! So, take a tip from one who knows and always keep some bleach handy!
Oh, and if you ever see a bloody hand coming up from the toilet, double flush!

Tracey said...

Don't look behind you Odette! xxx


lol hun you forgot the green slime, brown water from taps, girls tied to a bed with her head swivilling 360 degrees while vomiting putrid green bile :)
Oh its in my left arm. Close up pic that's why it looks so big.

The romantic query letter and the happy-ever-after said...

Great pic, thanks for sharing. Happy Halloween.

Odette said...

OMG! I was really looking behind my back while i was writing the blog, hahaha!

I still can't get myself to watch that movie!!!

I didn't know the bleach can come handy in driving away evil spirit. I should stock up on it.

Prez of Es said...

Niice one. I used to believe the upstairs of my house was haunted. And of course, would conjure up the 'evidences'. Was a fun way to engage friends though!

living_with_ba said...

I do hate the bleeding walls, they get blood everywhere and who has to clean it up? Not me, but my carer and it's so hard these days to get blood out of paint...ugh, why can't they just drop me an email to say they're staying and that's final...still, nice to know they care enough to stick around!

Angry American said...

Brown water from taps? Hell, we get that almost every year here in Ohio from algae. Usually in summer.

My dad sees ghosts as plain as day. He never talks about them unless you bring it up. I wish I could. I hate not being able to see who's hanging around. That REALLY freaks me out.

I used to be able to sense presences that I assumed where ghosts when I was younger. I think my psych meds have dulled my senses because, I haven't had an experience since I started taking them.

The scariest thing of all is, what if they're watching you while you're having sex or on the toilet? :o

Sick bastards!!! (ok ok...we all know I'll be one of those if I'm stuck here too)

rattles said...

hey lovely lady

I have left a little award for you on my blog (posted it this evening!!)

Its my tribunal on monday 9th through to the wednesday 11th, will keep you posted on how it all goes as and when. Any prayers you could say next week will be very much appreciated.

Loadsa lv Rattles Xxxx


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