Friday, October 9, 2009

The first is always the hardest.

So ok, this post will be the first after the blogsary. Of course, I'm so thrilled to be here and have an opportunity to blog and share a little about my thoughts and life. Actually, I tried to think of something that would define the person I am for those of you who have never met me. But it's so hard to put my life in a capsule called a blog post and keep it short and interesting.

The thing is, I use to have a sense of adventure. I love to travel and see new sights and meet people. I think getting old had softened some of the edges. The closest I come to an adventure now is mixing chemicals in the lab or listen to couples squabbling in my neighborhood. Sometimes I’m tempted to join in and lash out at them just for the sheer catharsis of it.

And hey, did it also somewhat boggles your mind that “malling” is an actual verb? Where I grew up, there were no department store. Sometimes it’s hard to imagine what life was then before malling became the national pastime. Where did we get our stuff? From the market, of course!

When I was in high school, there were three main cool criteria: the right clothes, the right music, the right friends.

Now there should be a checklist:
. Please tick which features your cell phone has ( multi-pixel, video recording, we browsing).
. Aside fro the mandatory cell phone, which gadget do you own ( MP3 player. Nano iPod, digicam, video console)
. What kind of MP# player do you own?

And so on…

Even the realm of vice is hard to figure out. When I was an adolescent, there was one kind of San Miguel beer. Now there are more than a dozen to choose from, over and above all sorts of spirit – not to mention the numerous permutation that can be formed with rum and gin. If one wanted to become a druggie in my time, there was pot. If you have lots of money, there’s coke. Now, there’s a whole smorgasbord of drugs out there, each designed for a specific kind of trip. What to choose, what to choose? But of course I haven't tried any of those stuff.

I know that we get disappointed with the kids of today, but how can they not be, when they have to sort all this out in their personal lives?

Well as an adult this is all I want to do – to laugh often and much, to endure the betrayal of false friends, to find the best in others, to leave the world a bit better, whether by a healthy child or a garden patch.

What are yours?


Tracey said...

I want to make people happy, I would also love to cure Amy & Paul, although I'd need magic, as both are impossible. It's been wonderful 'knowing' you for a year, heres to another hundred!!!!

Angry American said...

I dream of the day when I can eat, have sex, and have lots of kitty cats.

Also, I want to eat, have sex and buy the kitty cats lots of toys.

After that, I want to eat, have sex and buy the kitty cats more toys (not in that order).

Oh, and be with my filipina sweetie :)

Did I mention sex yet?

Odette said...

you have made us happy with your crazy post, but for your next wish, you have to bring it up there.
i doubt if i can still push the keyboard by the time i'm a hundred years old...if and when i reach a hundred!

Odette said...


Tracey said...

By the time Ray has finished with you, you'll be too knackered to do anything!!!!!

Elise said...

great post !

Mimi said...

I just want to have a happy family life and marriage. My kids are growing up too fast!


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