Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Manila says goodbye to Cory.

It was a stirring sight - even if viewed only through the TV screen. I was moved to tears by the amount of love the Filipino people had shown to our beloved former president Corazon Aquino. She died last Saturday form colon cancer complications.

I can say, that no one, no government, could command such a spontaneous outpouring of feeling and sympathy. True, such crowd could be mobilized and public sentiment could be stirred and manipulated like our previous people power. But no amount of organizing ability could have summoned those ordinary folks who braved the heat and the rains, nor could it have faked or manufactured the feelings that poured out of the public’s hearts.

Watching the cortege moving slowly through the crowd I realize that greater honor does not come from somebody who is in authority (the present administration offered Mrs Aquino a state funeral that the family declined), but it is when people who have no power and no authority honor you according to the manner they want to express it - through their hearts. That, to me, is the greatest honor.

I saw the streets fluttered with yellow ribbons and yellow confetti rained from buildings. Yellow balloons soared and yellow flags snapped in the wind. Many in the crowd wears yellow t-shirt, many has yellow umbrellas. In fact, the street turned into seas of yellow for one brief afternoon.

Motorists honked their horns or rolled down their windows, waved and took pictures of the procession. Even vessels docked at the North Harbor wailed for five minutes as the truck bearing Aquino’s remains passed.

Indeed, it took her death to revive unity in the Filipino. I can feel the enthusiasm of the Filipino people and their desire to fight for what they believe in.

Today we bury the woman who restored our democracy.

Goodbye and thank you, Tita Cory!


Tracey said...

I saw this on the TV. It's a shame that people only unite in sad circumstances.

Sid Brechin said...

Even I knew who is was and how important what she did was/is. I have avoided following any kind of politics since I left the Army. She however was a person who was thrust into politics rather than who chose that path. It seems the only people who should be in politics are those who definitely do not want the job.
History will remember her with respect.

Mimi said...

I watched it on the news, too. She must have been a very special person. May God bless her and her loved ones.

Odette said...

its more of people bracing the rain and the heat to bade her farewell. many of those who waited along the streets have been there for more than 8 hours. they would not even budge even under torrential rain. i am seeing this on tv while her cortege slowly inch its way to the burial site. she is well loved.

Odette said...

yes she never wanted to be in politics, but it was the people who wanted her to lead the nation. she did well as a president and her administration was never tainted with corruption. she was even chosen as the times magazine "man of the year"

Odette said...

i cried a river watching the final mass today. its 4:44pm but until now her cortege has not reached the burial site. and to think that it left the cathedral at 11:00am. its because it moves so slow due to the massive number of people in the street. the out pouring of love and support to her is very touching.

Amy said...

How sad for you all. she was obviously special!

Amy xxx


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