Thursday, August 13, 2009

Chit chat.

Are you afraid of conversation?

I don’t mean the kind of conversation you have with your friends, or your family, or your officemates, but with someone you don’t know. Like striking a conversation with someone seated next to you in an airplane, or in a waiting area, etc.

I, personally, enjoy starting random conversations with random people mostly because I like to see what their responses will be, but also because I just think it’s stupid to stand next to someone when you’re on a bus, sharing an elevator, seated next to each other, and to not say anything at all…

I want to talk about the random funny things. Things that will, at the end of the day make you feel good that you have made a conversation with someone. But does “first impression" count in a random conversation? Will you use those few seconds of a new encounter to form an opinion of what a person could be like from everything he /she says?

Picture this conversation in an elevator:
Me: Hello, that color look nice on you!
Her: Can you press 5 for me?
I press it.
Me: Five it is. I’m on nine.
Her: Great.
Me: I’ve always found five to be a better number than nine.
Her: I prefer double-digit numbers, to be perfectly honest.
Fifth floor it is. Doors open. Seriously, she reaches in and hits the buttons for six, seven and eight.
Her: You talk too much.

I love having random conversations with people, despite the strange looks they sometimes give me. You never know what you’ll learn by engaging in a conversation with a total stranger. I wonder why so many people are scared to talk to each other.

Are you?


Cal said...

Did that happen? That's so funny. I think it's great you start random conversations. I think it's cultural though. In the north of our country people talk to strangers much more readily than in the south (obviously there are exceptions) and unfortunately these ways can rub off on you after a long time unlessl you become conscious about it by someone like you spurring us on! ;>
Cal xxx

Angry American said...

I can get along with almost anybody. I can easily strike up a conversation with just about anybody in any situation. Sometimes, I bump into people I wish I hadn't of said hi to. They never shut up.

Tracey said...

If I like the look of someone I will talk to them, mostly if they are aged or look like they want to talk. Some folk just prefer to be silent though. There is nothing worse than someone going on and on at you, but I am too polite o tell them to shove off!


I love conversation, quite frequently over the years I found random strangers would pour their hearts out, I never judged them, just felt privileged that they wanted to share and felt they trusted enough to do that. Great post hun xoxoox

Sid Brechin said...

Yes Odette a double digit number is better in a high rise. If the building ever catches fire you can jump out the window and have a longer time to figure out a way of surviving the jump before reaching the ground.

AA: I once literally bumped in Actor Dan Ackryod. He was walking down the street I was walking up the street and a girl with great legs in a mini skirt was on the other side of the street.

Went in stereo " Sorry but I was looking at, ( laugh ) me too " we walked on. Is he ever tall at least 6 4 and solid not like he appears in movies the cameras really must add more weight to some people then others

Odette said...

it's true the camera add more weight to it's subject. I too always get amazed at how small these celebrity faces are when i see them in person.

Mimi said...

I always get into conversations with strangers. In fact, one of my closest friends is a person that just struck up a conversation with me on a plane.

Bren said...

I LOVE your profile comment about staying single or getting married! TOO FUNNY!!! You are truly and amazing person. SO happy to have met you on Blogger. Are you on Facebook? Would love to add you to my Garden Network of friends.
(((HUGS))) and Happy Weekend dear friend.

Odette said...

Yes I am and I have become an addict farmer there, hahaha! I'll email you my account, ok?
enjoy your weekend!


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