Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I've been tagged again.

I have been tagged by Cal and Tracey and Kirst. I figure anyone who’s been reading my blog knows way more than SIX things about me, so it just feels a little repetitive. But, as always, I can not refuse these lovely friends, so I’m doing it. I know I need to come up with SIX people to "tag", mention them here and notify them on their blog, along with revealing SIX things about me. This is darn hard, people!!!

Ok, so here's what I can come up with...

1. I love boys - my sons, you goof! I got three of them and they are the true joy of my life. I am the type of parent who refuse to re-live my childhoods through them, know what I mean? It is their life and they need to live it. I'm merely trying to lead them down the right path (cross your fingers; it's a work in progress).

2. My three kids are aged 16 to 20. Some people complain about losing the cuteness factor of babies when they grow up, but I’ve been enjoying all phases until now. You just have to constantly adjust to everything, including pimples!

3. I have worked in the same industry - petroleum for the past 22 years. Most days I still like it, and it also amazes me. It’s like love songs: the basic story has been the same for ages, but I seem to constantly find new ways to tell it. Yeah, I like love songs, but that's another story.

4. If I had just inherited Tracey's creativity and Kirst's strong personality, also Sid's humor, then I would have been ruling the world by now...instead I’m just this simple over forty something woman that a few people have heard about.

5. When I like a shirt, I would buy them in different colors. I don't care if they are identical. Same with pants. I buy them in two's or three's.

6. When I am home alone, I can often be found in my skimpy short and spaghetti shirt singing silly songs while ironing clothes. (Please call before stopping by.)

I would like to spare other people from such tedious task. So I am not tagging anyone. Besides, Sid had already been tagged by Kirst, and AA will never write something like this - ever.


Tracey said...

Sorry you found it so tedious! I'm coming for coffee, for goodness sake put your clothes on woman!

Cal said...

Enjoyed these Odette. Always something new to learn. Love your musings about things.

Cal x

Odette said...

If you only knew how hot it is here, you would be wearing the same thing, hahaha!
May I have a cup of coffee too?
much love,

Jenni @ nest to keep said...

Did I hear someone mention coffee? :) Hi Odette! I like your list of six things, and I am exactly the same on number five...I hope your week is going well! Take care! :)

Odette said...

really, and some people think iam weird when they see my closet. they wonder why i have two or three of the same , hahaha.
welcome back from your vacation!!

Angry American said...

I already know most of these things about you. I almost feel like we've met in person. But, I'm glad you know me so well and won't toss this my way. Thank you :D


Lol Odette *why thankyou* In a innocent Southern Style swang :)
Strong personality??? What is one saying, I know I smell slightly sometimes however.
Love ya 2 pieces Kirst
P.S i couldnt get back on earlier gah!!! xoxoxo

Odette said...

It's ok Kirst, i have more crops 2moro. hope you will be online too. and did you get the suggestion i sent?


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