Sunday, July 24, 2011

Car show.

This has been an exciting day for me because Ken brought me to Iowa to see a car show!

Ok ok, you say, "what's fun with that?"

Let me explain...

Lets start from the Mecum Classic Car Auction show from cable channel that Ken love to watch.

You see, it also peaked my interest because I don't understand the logic on how so many people wanted to buy "old" cars. Oh, by the way, a classic car is a car that is at least 25 years old, still in mint condition and considered collectible item, or at least that's how I understand it. They really look stunning, but I know for a fact that these cars has no fuel efficiency, they don't have warranties and not better for the planet because of the smoke they emit.

BUT! and this is a big but, they have soul, charisma and the memories that go with it. So from that alone I can speculate why people love those cars from the 60's or early 50's. It was an era when cars had personality. So each Saturday night Ken and I would sit in our living room gawking at those wonderful cars on parade and watching people bid on them.

Yesterday he told me that there is a car show in Joice, Iowa, which is just an hour drive from Wells. He asked if I wanted to go check it out. Of course, I said YES!

Omg, I was already feeling giddy as soon as I saw numerous cars lining up the main street of the town. I even wanted Ken to park on the first open spot he could find, but he keeps driving around and I was getting restless! He finally saw one right across the local library. The reason he parked there is so he can use the building's toilet, haha!

another OMG!!!

Those cars on display there are very rare birds indeed. You never see them around anymore. The powerful machines along with its clean line would dwarf all the other cars on the road.

Yes, while it is true to say that a classic car does not have some of the more modern technology that most look for in a vehicle, they however more than made up for being part of automotive history.

Kudos to the owner of those cars who keep them in shape.


Mimi said...

You look so cute with the vintage cars!

Odette said...

cute??? it's the adjective i least expected for a 49 years old!! but i'll accept it with all my heart because it's the sweetest thing said to me since i turned 40. Lol!


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