Thursday, July 14, 2011

Where are they?

I am saddened that most of those blogs I have followed had been dormant or had been deleted by the owner.

I know that anyone who writes reaches a point when it becomes difficult to continue. It could be writer's block or a writer's change of interest.

It happened to me a lot as well.

Life happens.

Things change.

But somehow my the blog remains. Blogging was never something I thought I would do. Come on, why would anyone want to read what I have to say about just random things?

Yet somehow writing a blog is like keeping a journal of my thoughts and feelings. It's similar to keeping a diary of sorts. It is a simple way of storing all the things that interest and excite me.

I admit I don't write as often as I use to but writing if I find a time, help me organize my ideas. And reading my old posts allow me to look at my life as a third party and not a participant.

I like reading other people's blog because their life also interest me. Besides I feel intimately close to them by being in the front seat in their life's journey. That's why seeing those blogs fold up is like losing a friend.

Hope you guys will come back and start writing again.


Sid Brechin said...

I'm still here but almost writing. Tracey is writing but less I think due to family caused time constraints. Kirst I have not heard from in a while but NZ is in semi chaos.

Odette said...

thanks for posting this. i have been checking a reply from you in FB and wondered if you got my message. i hope you are doing ok.


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