Thursday, August 25, 2011

Moving forward.

I believe that all of us are the product of our life's experiences. We are the character that has made us. We are what our childhood forced us to be. We are what our teenage experiences convinced us to be and we are what our adult life allowed us to be.

I don't mind what other people say about my life because only I own my life.

At the same breath, my life is always moving forward. We are always moving forward in life whether we acknowledge it or not. This is one constant that will never change.

And all is perfectly unfolding, and taking place in the right time, and in the right place.

I had chosen to move along with life even if in doing so I would hurt and disappoint some people. My decision had altered theirs, and it left a bad taste in their mouth. But sometime I have to set out my pursuit of something which never really was my objective to begin with. It so happen that half way down the road, opportunity present itself.

This is my one shot at life and I grabbed it.

I owe some people a lot of gratitude for the support they have given me in the past and I own that indebtedness. It is very sad that they do not understand the choice I had made even if it doesn't directly affect their life situation right now.

I cannot give up and spend the rest of my life grumbling about missed opportunities. Besides this is my life and I have to take charge and set out to achieve what will make me happy. The choice is all mine. I have no control over the past, but I still have the freedom to make choices for the future. I cannot wait for things to change on their own. I have to move them if I have to.

I regret having hurt the very people who I thought would be happy to see my life turn to the better. I hope they see my point of view. But I cannot dwell on negativity. Life is way too short to keep going down a negative road to nowhere.

If I fast forward to the last day of my life and I am in the last moments here on Earth and remember all the times I could have pursued an opportunity and chose not to for one reason or another. How would that make me feel?

Pretty rotten, huh?

Regret is the pain of realizing we could have done something and chose not to. There is no pain greater than the pain of regret.

Oh, just to make things clear, I did not have a baby or adopted one. This is just a photo taken last Sunday during Denica's christening ceremony.


Mimi said...

Hi Odette,
Very cute baby! Is she a relative?
You are right, it is your life and it's just too bad if others are not happy with your choices. Keep moving forward and grab for the brass ring. Be happy and do what makes you happy!
I'm with you all the way. I want to die with no regrets!
Hugs, Mimi

Odette said...

thank you Mimi! but you know how difficult it is to shake the guilt when they keep pounding on it and talk ill about you to other people.
but i do not wish to dwell in that guilt but would rather focus my attention on the goodness in life through all the experiences in life i encountered. right now, i am moving forward in life in a positive direction.
hey, how's the new house developing?

Julie said...

Hi, Odette! It seems as if my comments aren't going through. I'll try one last time. Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. When did you move to Minnesota? I live in ND. We are practically neighbors now!

Odette said...

julie, all your comments have gone through. i got all four of them. my comments setting however was set "for moderation", hence they won't get published unless i approved of it.
ND, oh yeah, that's pretty near where i am. a friend had been wanting to go there, so maybe i might go with them and i'll give you a holler when i'm in the area, ok?


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