Thursday, March 11, 2010

Things I sometimes take for granted.

By now you all know that I am going home next week, specifically on the 18th. I have not visited Sagay for two years now and I am excited to see my dad again and the rest of the kins.

As I was packing things, ( I’am packing more things than usual because of my trip to the US which will be on the 31st), I realized that there are many things in my life which I take for granted but I know I would find it impossible to live without them. I am not talking about food and clean water, but some things which, although I could technically live without, would hardly make my life worth living in its current comfort.

The first is my family. My sons had given me love and comfort and a joy I could never imagine and never want to imagine being without. Whether it's being at home with them all day or coming back to them after a day out at work. They are the most special to me.

Then there's my other family which includes my dad and mom, my sister and brother, aunties and uncles and cousins. Of course they don’t live with me but they are always on the end of the phone, or at the background trying to make my life secure and happy. So, in different ways I'd find life without the love of my family really difficult and lonely but I suppose it's because we're so close and comfortable with each other that I take them for granted. I just wish I was more thoughtful around them.

Then there’s the internet. After being on broadband for so long, it will be so difficult and quite annoying not to have one. You see, the internet is such an addictive thing and without it, there's no email and a complete lack of communication. Okay, it's not quite that bad but sometimes it's as though the internet is the beginning and end of life for me whether it's me writing my blog, playing games, chatting to friends, watching videos... it’s just unthinkable what life would be without it!

Another thing is the mobile phone. I keep it close by 24/7 - even when I go to bed! Although I rarely use my cellphone, the calls and text messages sent to me are important and I want to be able to respond to them immediately.

And as I look around the house I see ordinary things like a cooker, kettle, fridge and iron making my life so much easier. And as for microwaves, they hardly need mentioning. Now, I feel so guilty about taking everything for granted I'm overcome with emotion!

How about you? What are those things you take for granted but cannot live without?


Tracey said...

Exactly the same as you and the car, because we live in the middle of nowhere, theres not even a bus that passes anywhere near us, so we need it to get places. xxx

Mimi said...

I really like my stove and refrigerator. It would be hard to live without them! I'd hate to be without my cell phone, mainly because it makes me feel safe and connected. I love my books and having the money to buy books is pretty nice, too!
A laptop is very nice, and I'd certainly miss not having one.
The one thing that I would not be able to be without is toilet paper! Seriously, I'd trade it all if I had to for TP.
Wouldn't you?

Odette said...

i can do without it, but in case of emergency it's comforting to know you can travel faster by car than on a carabao(water bufallo)

Odette said...

down there, i can manage with water and soap just fine. but i need TP to blow my nose in...

Chicken Boys said...

Liquor. LOL Just kidding! Probably my truck. At one point a couple of years ago I didn't have a car. I was spending a small fortune to have people drive me to work, pick me up from work, take me to the grocery store. It was just awful. Now I can just jump in my truck and run wherever I need to go. Have a great weekend O.

Anonymous said...

i used to love everything in my kitchen since i love to cook and got the inborn talent in cooking now by myself my needs narrowed-in to my pc, blackberry, attache case, my sunglasses and most of all my car then i'm fully geared up for a long day battle. but i still miss my kitchen once in awhile.

Angry American said...

When I think back to when the intenet wasn't available to the public, mobile phones were only for those who could afford a BMW, it still amazes me what a pain in the ass life used to be.

The only emergency phone calls the average joe had was a few quarters in your pocket and praying to god there was a pay phone close by to drop them into. In the suburbs, buses are still something you can NOT rely on to get to the local stores, 24 hr pharmacy or kwicky marts when you have a minor medical emergency or food shortage.

I never take my ISP for granted cause I went long enough without it to forever remind me of how inconvenient and/or agrivating going to the library to check my email is.

As far as food, all I need is a decent supply of Beefaroni or other canned foods and I can eat without any stove or microwave. If I really get sick of cold food, I can set up a simple food warmer with a shallow pot, a stubby candle and plenty of aluminum foil.

I'm sure Sid knows a half dozen ways to make an impromptu burner from scratch that's safe for indoor and tent use.


My catheter, lol no, well yes if i went without it my bladder/bowel would perforate. My lap top is my husband, friend, entertainment, solace, escapism, educator, sanity.


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