Tuesday, March 9, 2010

It's a risky business.

Yes, all of us have a comfort zone where we feel safe and secure … and it's nice. I have that niche too. But if I don't venture out of this cozy little box of mine, I think I will definitely have some regrets later in life.

I know I can not go back and relive my teen years, my 20s, 30s etc. They're over, and there's no going back, no rewind button!

But you see, I have things I want to do that for a while I am scared of doing - things that to some (this include Sid, and Ray) seem impossible, silly or just impractical. Their minds can think of a million logical reasons why what I want do is just not a good idea. And I understand their apprehensions. However, these "logical" thinking can also hold me back from trying new things, of stepping out and taking risks.

I am aware that risk taking is scary. It brings with it an element of the unknown. Especially in my case as I don't know what is going to happen, or how things are going to work out, or whether it will fail or succeed.

But that's part of the fun guys, if you really think about it. If I already know what the outcome was going to be, there will be no challenge as there is nothing to push me towards it.

I know that not all risks will turn out the way I want them to. You see, I have taken many risks that have completely bombed. But the good thing about that is that I know I tried. I can look back and say that wasn't for me, or I won't do that again, but I will have no regrets. One of the scariest thoughts for me is to think that when I'm older I will look back and have a bunch of regrets. I don't want to feel that I missed out on chances or opportunities all because I was too afraid to try something.

Whether I fail or succeed I will have peace of mind knowing I have tried. I won't be left wondering what if...

So sit back, fasten your seat belt, and take the journey with me!


Tracey said...

Good for you!!! What the hell are you going to do????? email me ASAP! xxx

Odette said...

darn, i knew you would ask that!!! i will Trace...soon!

Mimi said...

Hooray Odette!
I say do it now while you're able and willing!
Time is a thief-don't let it get you!

Odette said...

Thanks Mimi, although i can almost see Ray pulling his hair, hahaha!

Angry American said...

I'm afraid to ask.

physician34 said...

Without as much as a mention about the risks you have taken, you have played it out. Anyway, the sentiments expressed are wonderful and very pertinent. It really stinks that one faces death with only regrets lined up!!

Odette said...

we all at some point in our life faces a fork road. if we get a straight one all the way, our life will be boring!
i wish you well in your endeavor too. that air ambulance and charter service is such a wonderful idea. good luck!

melody said...

Take the risk girl it's better than to wonder someday all the if's. you may win or lose but you have tried. goodluck.

bad penny said...

I'll be watching out.....xx Tell Tracey and then she can tell me !

Chicken Boys said...

I love your positive posts. Not that I don't like the negative ones. Those things need discussion, too. But you seem to say "Let's just do this" in your positive ones. I've done the same. I was told I couldn't afford the trip to Africa. I raised $2,500 in two and a half months as a college student with a part-time minimum wage job! Of course, there's been other things, too. And I have things in mind for the near future that I just need to plan carefully. Do what's on your mind, I say.

Anonymous said...

Fear holds many back from their true potential. It also keeps people from trying new things, and allowing some adventure in their lives. Good for you! Being open to new people and new things helps us learn.


ooow im intrigued, gah though why cant you spill the beans and share, its horrible knowing your doing something, letting us know, then keeping it secret... :)

Whatever it may be good on you, life is too short

Odette said...

don't worry i will let you know, of course! come here, and i'll whisper it on your ear...

Arun said...

All the very best. I am glad that your appetite for risk has grown over the years...it usually winds down with time! My prayers are with you and i am sure it will be a succesful venture if you put your heart and soul into it...which you will considering what a passionate person you are!
Success and failure are just human tags to the outcome...the journey is the exhilarating bit and cannot be quantified or judged...it has to be experienced!

Loads of love and best wishes


Odette said...

thank you for the encouragement... with people rooting for me to succeed, how can i fail?


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