Thursday, January 24, 2013


This week it seems that hell had actually frozen over here in Minnesota!!!

I am miserably cold.

The cold I am experiencing now is a little daunting, add to that wind chill and it becomes a survival challenge for me. Minnesota winters, as anyone who's lived through one can testify, are tough.

I am forced to wear flannel pajamas and sleep under a thick comforter. And if I misplace my fuzzy slippers, the trek to the bathroom turns into an icy expedition. I hate the icy winds that freezes my fingers and cause my nose to run non stop. Because of the cold I cannot gain access to my car unless I am red faced and gasping for breath, especially coming out from my workplace. This extreme cold turn the simple process of getting into my automobile an obstacle course that is physically exhausting.

Not only do temperatures often fall below zero, but if it snow, there is a drive way one has to clear. It's a dreaded time of year for anyone who owns a shovel and has a back that hasn't yet been professionally diagnosed as "strained."

I know I said in my previous post how I hate summer. But darn, I'm missing it already!!


Friko said...

You’re not the only one. I don’t like the heat but I like the bitter cold of winter with snow and ice even les.

Ah, come on spring!

Odette said...

from your blog post i realized that we are both going through the same difficulties. but cheer up, days go so fast that even this ordeal won't be remembered in a month.
still got a glass of wine yet?

Martin said...

I have to pile on the layers during cold snaps, Odette. Give me the heat of summer any day.

Odette said...

likewise martin, likewise.

laurie said...

i don't mind the cold (if i'm dressed properly). but the wind! oh, the wind. oh, i hate the wind.

Odette said...

laurie, you have lived in Duluth, the coldest part of MN. omg, now iam embarrassed to have whined about the cold here in Wells.


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