Sunday, April 6, 2014

The Memorial.

We did it!

We gave Ken a memorial service that truly honored him and gave him the send-off he deserved.

While the memorial service is a farewell, it was also a celebration of life and happiness that Ken has brought into our life. It was a bittersweet remembrance of wonderful times shared with family and friends. Memories that will forever live on in our hearts and minds.

The first part has Pastor Chuck reading the passage from the Bible about a time to live and a time to die. I heard these words hundreds of times, but this time they seemed to speak directly to me. It somehow explained to me that I will still hurt and at times be overwhelmed with the pain, but in time, I should be able to relate to my loss in a new way and seek ways to move on with my life.

The second part was the sharing of stories. Siblings and friends reflected on the funny side of Ken, his interest, his career, his passion, his mischiefs, his tenderness among others. These elicited some laughter from attendees. From the stories shared, I gathered that Ken has not lived a perfect life by any means as he had certainly made his share of mistakes. But it also allowed us to admire the strength of character that he had displayed throughout his life. It is nice to hear stories about Ken that I haven’t heard before. On special days, or any day, remembering these stories will make me smile as I reflect on the difference Ken had made on someone else’s life.

Then, there was the slide show. Photos that was able to capture 65 years of his journey. A fitting tribute that allowed those who might not have known him very well to have a glimpse of the life he had. This was the toughest part because these photos speak volumes. They remind the viewer of the happy times spent with Ken and most of us did not succeed in holding our tears as we watched it.

Finally, the three volley gun salute done by the Wells Color Guard. I never thought a salute can wrench emotion from one’s soul. I simply cannot hold back tears when shots echoed through the streets of our town and TAPS was played. It was a signal that lights has to be extinguished, that the ceremony has reached its completion.

I thank everyone who came to celebrate Ken's life with us. I am touched by the gesture of profound love and admiration you all have shown to my husband.

But most of all, I'm proud of my new family. They helped me get through this tough times and they promised to continue to be there for me for tougher times ahead. Thank you guys. I am truly blessed to have found Ken because I also discovered you!


ML said...

Odette, I am so sorry!
I know that Ken was your soul mate,and I mourn your loss.

Odette said...

i am having a hard time accepting the fact that he is gone. i know ken doens't want me to stay sad as he make me laugh all the time. maybe someday, i will learn to laugh again.


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