Saturday, April 7, 2012

A lovely day.

Alas, after the cold weather, and long dark nights of winter, it felt like I have a new lease in life again.

It's Spring!

There definitely is a noticeable change in my mood and behavior as the cold gloomy days of winter recede and the warm sunny days of spring arrive. I can quickly feel that charge to my blood when I open my eyes today and see the sun is shining, the birds are singing and the flowers are blooming.

The best things about spring are warmth, fresh blooms, and the birds.

Oh the birds.

One of the most anticipated events of spring time for me are when the birds arrive home from their winter vacations, bringing with them their pleasant chirps and familiar songs and I get a load of it just outside my window where there are a flurry of activities. Our neighbor has a bird feeder hanging in her backyard and I could just stay in my bed and watch a variety of birds in feeding frenzy, while the squirrels eats whatever fell to the ground.

Today I saw several trees already full with blooming flowers. It's amazing how the scenery changes so abruptly as their blossom with wonderful brilliant colors creates a picture perfect scene for all to enjoy. It seems like the old and dreary days is nothing but a distant memory.

Also, the countryside wakes up from its long, lonely sleep. I can see tractors in the fields again. The cows are back in the fields, released from their long captivity in their winter sheds. Ducks and geese waddle along the lake, the grass is a rich dark green when they were just brown a week ago.

Each of the seasons has a beauty of its very own, but spring is special - it is the renewal of life and the promise of what's to come.

Welcome, Spring!

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