Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Ken's little annoyance.

Do you notice that nearly every conceivable situation carries with it the capacity to annoy?

I actually don't get annoyed very easily, but Ken has a short endurance to it. Maybe because he is in constant pain that any potential irritants can be be very annoying to him.

Talking to the phone annoys him, especially when it is an answering machine on the other end giving him instructions on what button to push to get to the utility department he need to get information from. It is doubly annoying to him to be put on hold because for 15 to 25 minutes he would blankly listen to dead air like some sort of simpleton. But nothing beats him for being annoyed when the person he was talking to, tell him she will call back but never did!

Then we end up calling an ambulance.

Wouldn't you be annoyed too when you finally get to the hospital and the first thing the doctor told you after examining your condition is that you may lose your leg? It is not only annoying but disturbing!

Then apologized for his wrong diagnosis - after two days. Annoying!!

My being too fussy on Ken at home also annoyed him. He said I treat him like a child. But how can I ignore the blood that continuously gush from his leg? I felt a relief when we finally went to see a doctor at the VA clinic - another source of agitation.

The doctor said Ken needed a vitamin K shot to thicken his blood. But guess what? They don't have it in the clinic so we were sent to urgent care at another hospital.

Darn, they call it urgent care when there is nothing urgent with how they do things there. First, it takes eon to finish the registration process. When we finally moved to another unit, the lady at the information told us that they have to bill Ken and not the VA despite Ken's telling her that it had been prearranged. She made us wait at the reception area while she stormed out to the registration. She came back apologetic saying she made a mistake. But she already annoyed Ken that he told me if they don't tend to him in 10 minutes he is walking out of there.

When we were called to enter the examining room, the doctor who saw us have no idea why he should give Ken vitamin K shot. He had to ask him questions about his medical history, and he has a loooong one that at some point it become exasperating to him. When he left the room we have to wait again while they confered with staff from the VA clinic. Annoying!

Today, Ken's foot is healing well. His temper? Well...


Fi from Four Paws and Whiskers said...

wow - that does look sore.
It is hard to be helpless and part of the system....

Odette said...

Fi, now i have an idea why kirst get so frustrated with the system. you are given a run a round and you don't get the medical attention you needed at the precise time you need it.

Mimi said...

Hi Odette,
Sorry to hear about Ken.
Poor guy. What happened to his leg?
I hope he is doing better now!
You, my dear, need a nice little break. Men are certainly a lot of work! Take care! Hugs, Mimi

Odette said...

Hi mimi,
Ken had cellulitis and he has erratic temperature swings. yes, he is better now and he back to his relaxed self.
still busy with your new house?


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