Sunday, August 15, 2010

A ride of a lifetime.

The weather is very nice today, not too hot and not too cold. It's perfect for a bike ride!

Ken had been waiting all this time for this perfect weather and when it finally came, he did not hesitate calling me to inform me that he will pick me up after dinner (which he really meant after lunch)for a tour around the county.

Of course, I am just seated at the back. But I know the feel of being in control of the motorcycle and its a heady stuff. I have a small scooter back in the Philippines which I would take out at night to drive around the subdivision. I can still remember the rush that comes from a quick twist of my wrist. The blast of the wind serves as a direct feedback.

But this ride is different. There is almost nothing that compares to motoring along a smooth stretch of curvy back road devoid of cars, pedestrians and other things non-motorcycle. Ken has a good grip of the bike and he is a very good driver.

The road is so clear and smooth that I can't help feeling a sense of adventure that comes from gliding effortlessly through long sweeping curves. I can feel the adrenaline rush as we safely negotiates a series of turns, then accelerate smoothly into straightways. And as we drove through a stretch of lonely cornfields, my senses become keener and awareness of my surroundings become more acute.

It's hard to explain this to non-riders, but just sitting in the saddle of a bike actually RELAXES me! Put another way: there is simply no time for stress, because I am too busy riding and enjoying the experience.

A Harley ride is like having freedom that no car or drug can replace. Try it!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Summer isn't my favorite time of the year.

There always seem to be a problem wherever one chose to live. I thought it would be nice to settle in the US because of the cold weather. But as soon as I got here, I realized that I can not stand the cold. It was too much for a tropic girl like me. I was gritting my teeth as soon as I stepped out of the cold California air. It was funny because three weeks after I got here ,I was still shopping for jackets while most people are already buying summer clothes.

So I thought maybe summer will be better. Lo and behold it did come and so did the mosquitoes and flies and every other bugs. It was hot, it was humid and there seems to be a daily thunderstorm watch. There were days when it gets oppressively hot that even when I was from a country where the sun is up most year round, the summer here was way too hot for me. My skin which is basically brown had turned darker and it itches. I was never this dark before even when I exposed myself to our hot eastern sun. Here when you combined humidity and heat, the temperature felt much greater than it actually was.

And we reside like a gazillion miles away from a shoreline, thus we are stuck with the lake. But the lakes here are not clean to dip into because all the pesticides and whatever it is farmers sprayed on their crops went into the lake. Oh yes, the lakes are quite beautiful as they have trees and grasses and wild flowers and I bet the water is cool because they stay frozen for months - IF YOU DON'T MIND THE BUGS!

Another reason I don't like summer is because I can not wear a swimsuit. I am not built like those other women who can flaunt there body in a bathing suit. I know I don't look pretty in them. Seriously!

I just can't wait for Fall, or will I be surprised again?

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Look what I got!

I missed my cats back in Manila and it really broke my heart when I learned from my neighbor there that my mother cat Stray had died just two weeks after I left. She said my cat would stay outside looking out on the road. Maybe, hoping that any time I would appear or that any of the boys would. She didn't really gave me the detail of how my cat died, and I wouldn't want to hear of it because I just can not bear the thought of her dying knowing that we had abandoned her.

So, I was kind of ecstatic when I saw an abandoned kitty in one of the barns here in the farm. When I first saw the gray and white fluffy kitty, she was nervous and fearful. She would look at me, but would run as soon as I made a slight move towards her. So everyday, I would go to the barn and offer her treats and kind words. I would put the food closer to me to try to get her close. She would come to the food and even ate it while I look on, but a tiny movement would drove her scampering away again.

It was two weeks of her getting use to my presence in the barn when I was finally able to touch her. She did not only allow me to pet her, but she also brushed her body on my legs and arms. Although I knew she was born totally wild, she warmed up to me. I was even surprised that when I left the barn she was right behind me, following me as I walked towards the house.

Since then, she would wait for me at the deck for her food and she now sleeps at the garage.

On rare occasions that she would come inside the house, I would let her come to my room and lay beside me. She is such a cutie and she is very playful. She followed me everywhere, and even helped me when I worked in the garden.

I named her after my other cat Inee although Ray called her Smokey.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Serenity around me.

I have been living in an urban area most of my life, and to be honest, I am tired of it. 27 years of living in Manila, which hasn't really changed much during my time there.

I thought I was a city girl. But now that I live in a small town, I was surprised that I do enjoy my time here more that I hate the thought of going back home to all that polluted city air and noise. What I liked the most about my stay in Wells, is the fresh air and vast green fields that I woke up to in the mornings. Not to mention that life here is simpler and laid back. I love the serenity around me.

I do dream that one day, I will get my chance to live in one of those beautiful country homes, with ivy growing around the front door and a small garden at the back where I can grow crops.

I just went for a ride along the countryside today with Ken and I was surprised at how small the towns here that there was one with just a population of 120! The town looked so peaceful and serene that I wonder why people would chose to live in the chaotic city! From that trip, we plan of traveling next time on his big bike and enjoy the rush of cool breeze on our skin rather than be confined in the car.

I'll shoot some more pics, next time ok?

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I'm back!

Wow! I got a new follower even when it felt like eon the last time I posted something here.

Indeed, it is nice to know that the world is still watching me. And that there are still people out there who are interested to read my blog or that people are sharing my thoughts and emotion.

Thank you Pam, for telling me that you liked my page even when I know that sometimes I don't make sense, haha. Now, you just got me into blogging again!!

Of course, I like writing because it helped me keep track of my life. Writing down my thoughts allowed me to share my joy, my pride and feelings with you guys, even when I don't know who's going to read it or how it will help you.

Many times when I read my old posts it made me wonder what made me happy a year ago. It's like a reflection of my life... Do you also get that? Reading them made me realized that I do exist!

Yeah, I know Tracey that blogging can be addictive - you write almost everyday, remember? Maybe because blogging has become a playground of our emotions. It allowed us the freedom of expression. And the fun part was that nobody here has the right to tell us how to write, when to write and what to write.

So, be ready for my return....

Now, where do I start????


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